The Boy In The Shed - Drama, TBC - Coming Soon

Whilst struggling with the death of his father, a young boy, Eddie, must overcome loneliness and hostility in a world no longer his own. 

Milo The Magnificent - Drama, 3mins 

Milo struggles to convince his family, but more importantly himself, that he can be a magician.....if he tries hard enough.

NIGEL- Comedy/Drama - 3 mins 

A short project made for MY RODEREEL 2020 Film Competition. The film follows Nigel who plans his first date with his crush.

Post-You, Me - Drama - 5 mins 

Rachel, a young woman is on a night out with her best friends and her crush, that changes her life irreversibly.


Chatterbox-  Psychological Thriller, TBC - Coming Soon

In a desperate attempt to reconnect with her family via the internet, an elderly lady accidently finds herself on the dark web and caught up in events with even darker consequences.

Snapshot - Drama, 30mins (Trailer above)

Alex, an aspiring photographer, struggles to come to terms with his grandfather's diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

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