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Just like Shakespeare, our development slate encompasses comedy, tragedy and historic narratives, sometimes all three together, please feel free to ask us more at

I HAVE A HUNCH -  13 x 30min children's comedy/drama. 

Summer holidays are for relaxing; not for getting involved with mysterious murder investigations.... Based on the book I HAVE A HUNCH by Jeremy DeCoursey. 

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Set in 1970s London, a young woman uses her photography skills to work with an underground operation, The Photography Bureau, to blackmail the great and the not-so-good with her compromising photographs. 

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THE RETURN- 4 x 60 minute TV drama. 

Claudia returns from incarceration for abuse, seeking revenge against her husband, Tom and his new family.

(Pilot episode script, pitch & outline available on request)

BLOWING DAD 6 x 30 minute TV comedy (clip above from concept reel)

Following two outcast brothers, who are entrusted by their elderly mother to scatter their father's ashes.

(Concept reel & Pilot episode script available on request)

THE SECRET - Feature length musical drama. (Clip above from concept reel)

Amidst the terrors of a World War, two respectable English families have their lives turned even further upside down by the racial and sexual prejudices of the day.

(Script & Concept reel available on request)

RED LIGHT - 3 x 60 minute TV drama (clip above from concept reel)

A young girl turns to sex work to help her survive her circumstances and finds herself sinking into a darker world than she could ever have imagined.

(Script & Concept reel available on request)

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